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Russian Federation


Symbol is the musician Nikina Steblin, who has developed a unique approach to musical creation, expertly combining the bold sounds of electro and breakbeat with complex and meaningful vocal recitatives in Russian.

Symbol’s energetic live-streams can be heard across the vast territory of Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok, Minsk, Kiev, and Baku. In addition, he performed at the Berlin madhouse Salon Zur Wilden Renete, effectively destroying all linguistic barriers and stereotypes.

Steblin is the owner and founder of the eponymous label Symbol as well as the label Kirillica. He is the author of a series of vinyl releases, which were quickly snatched up by collectors of unusual and extraordinary records around the world.

In addition to the vinyl, Symbol has in his arsenal three digital albums, each with its own story, but unified by a melancholic mood, broken rhythms, and variety of genres.


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