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Gustavo Paternina

tattoo artist


Gustavo Paternina (32) is a multidisciplinary artist from Barranquilla, Colombia; who is madly in-love with his hometown and who also loves salsa! As a "traditional" artist, he has always dedicated time to paint and write since a young age. By chance and because of that constant intrigue in art and its techniques, he discovered body art and started his career as a tattoo artist on July 2009. It is because of his more than 10 years of experience in the body art world which has given him the tittle as one of the best tattoo artists on the Caribbean region; Paternina is recognized for his lines: the stroke variations and the shapes and volume they give to the final form of the tribal and the typography.

He is really passionate about his profession; that´s why he defines it has his hobby not a job. Gustavo always maintained an interest in studying and experimenting with art dreaming of growing as a creator and giving his artistic vision another scope. He is constantly training in different techniques and disciplines (typography, lettering, large formats, acrylics, watercolors, ink and learning stuff like skydiving, yoga and diving) and researching to diversify his knowledge, mixing new things and techniques of body art with new formats resulting on different art experiments.

A couple of years ago he started this path of new projects, today he is already in the edition of his first book and developing paintings on large-format canvases and murals on cultural expressions, city themes and research on our history and natives roots.