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Sasha Zlykh

DJ & Producer


Sasha Zlykh was born in 1996 in Kyiv. He was introduced to collecting music by his father in his early childhood.
Listening to dad's collection, Sasha discovered all kinds and forms of music. From psychedelic rock to trip-hop, from metall to drum&bass and to whatever it is. He played his first gig in 2014, playing and producing only hip-hop music back then. Soon he found out many different things happening in Kyiv's scene. Since then, Sasha have spent lots of time exploring parties and music around the world. His debut record was released in 2019 on The Press Group. Two appearances on VA's of Criminal Practice and Kultura Zvuka. His forthcoming 'Pink Flame' EP will be out on TWIG soon. Used to play gigs every week, nowadays mostly focused on producing and collecting music and evolving cyber sport skills.
Stay safe!