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Cai Anderson

CocktAil Meister
United Kingdom


My name is Cai, a Manchester-based lover of all things food and drink who's been messing around with flavours in the world of hospitality for nearly 15 years! From the simple to the silly, there's not much I've not done throughout my life in this great industry.

Jagermeister has been a part of my life for longer than I can remember... be it mixing it, drinking it or working with it; the Meister and I know each other well!

Flavour is king and it's vital that each of my guests get a drink or dish that is right for them. So don't be shy, there's no such thing as a bad drink, only bad company ;)

The world of hospitality is all about sharing and caring, so we want everyone to be able to make these mysterious cocktails at home and feel more confident when drinking with their friends and with the Meister.

So come and join me at "Herbie & The Lama", Herbie being my nosey pug Hubertus Hooch & the Lama being my home bar for some drinks and distraction!

Cai Anderson

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