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Cape Cod

DJ, Producer, Composer


Cape Cod is a Kyiv-based electronic project of sound producer and musician Maksym Sikalenko. Artist combines in his work such styles as house, techno, funk, blue-eyed soul, gospel, jazz and breakbeat.

In 2016, Maksym released his debut album entitled “Cult”. Through the release, Cape Cod spurred Kyiv’s rave culture renaissance, becoming an ambassador for Ukrainian electronic music and cultivating a dedicated following of his own. He was awarded Best Electronic Artist at the Jägermeister Indie Awards in 2016.

In 2018, Maksym released the second album “Echoes”. And if the first LP is an ode to Kiev at night, the second album was originally conceived as a worldwide cosmopolitan release. Vocalists from the USA, Great Britain and Ireland took part in the recording.
Shortly after the release of the album, Cape Cod was nominated and received an award for best electronic project version at the Jägermeister Music Awards Ukraine.

Cape Cod

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