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JINACTION, China’s OG DJ and all-time star is here to reignite your night life! Been at home for too long? Can’t remember the last time you stepped foot in your favorite club? Miss the feeling of moving with music? JINACTION is here to bring those nights back (well, for the most part) with a 45min live DJ performance from his base in Shanghai, China! Maybe you’ve even heard of their international hits- Walidwipa and Manjoo! Dress up, chug down a shot of Jagermeister, invite your friends and get ready for a night to remember!
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JINACTION, aka JIN DJ's is amongst China, and even Asia’s most popular and longstanding JINACTION has been DJing for over 23 years and is quite literally the inspiration for the DJ industry throughout Asia. His music has traveled far beyond Asia- his two biggest international hits- Jinaction-Walidwipa, which went out on Dharma Worldwide in 2019, and Jinaction-Manjoo which went out on Intensity Recordings in 2020 are an all-time favorite for EDM lovers.

JINACTION ranked #5 in PYRO Music’s top 100 DJ ranking in 2019, and tanks top 10 amongst all Asia annually. JINACTION enjoys tremendous popularity on China’s social media, ranking top 10 on Douyin (internationally known as Tik Tok)’s music award list, with tens and thousands of followers.