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Rafael Parratoro

Visual Artist


Rafael Parra-Toro (Caracas, 1977) is a Venezuelan/Argentinean artist and engineer whose production is characterized by the contemporary development of kinetic-optical art in both: physical and digital versions. He is one of the world's pioneers on creating art with the augmented reality technique. His work deals with and explores the experiences of international optic kinetism and combines them with the analysis of the viewer’s movement and color vibration through the use of moiré, and mathematical and IT tools that are usually applied to digital art, in order to create a geometrical universe that is full of shapes and colors.

Unlike the traditional use of the moiré effect in international optical kinetism, Parra-Toro is the first artist who uses moiré to create shapes and volumes in his geometric universe. The artist draws using moiré, and thus poses a radical change in the used his predecessors made of it.