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Just because you can't go out, it doesn't mean that nightlife can't drop in. Create an unforgettable experience for you and your friends by inviting one of our charismatic Meisters to liven-up the mood of your next virtual party.

Simply select a talent, book a slot and get the party started!



How does it work
  • 1.
    Pick a Drop-in.
  • 2.
    Book it. Is the drop-in labeled “Private drop-in”? Then congrats! That one’s gonna be yours and yours only.
  • 3.
    We’ll mail you a ZOOM meeting.
  • 4.
    Share the drop-in – invite your friends.
  • 5.
    Join the meeting and enjoy the party!
Can’t attend? Don’t worry, you can cancel any time. Yet our Meisters put a lot of heart into drop-in sessions so it would be great if you could cancel at least 24h in advance. Otherwise our Meiters will be sad and lonely in the Zoom.
No Drop–Ins currently available